Lotus 159 New York Highlights

Despite lacking the perspective needed to make reliable forecasts, and thus having lost the capacity to envisage future urban developments, New York continues to amaze us with a surprising vitality that finds expression in innumerable accidental events. What seems to characterize these highlights is the fact that they are happening under different and often contradictory conceptual and territorial circumstances. They appear to be on many different “planes of immanence” that clearly reflect the impossibility of coming up with a neat and hierarchical vision of what remains the economic and cultural capital of the Western world.

Giovanni Chiaramonte, Gaia Piccarolo, Handel Architects, Peter Walker and Partners, Michele Nastasi, Maite García Sanchis, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Anthony Vidler, Nina Bassoli, SHoP, Field Operations, Morphosis, SOM, Thomas Balsley Associates, Weiss/Manfredi, nARCHITECTS, West 8

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